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                            Services for Adolescents

Adolescence is often a tumultuous developmental phase for every teen.  
Conflict between parent and teen is very common, and is to be expected
as part of adolescent development.  However, in some cases, the normal
developmental process of adolescence can go astray, and more serious
problems may develop.  Such problems may include poor school
performance, serious behavioral problems at home or school, drug use,
and legal problems.  To address these and other issues related to
adolescence, a psychologist can often work directly with a teen and his or
her parents to help reduce problematic behaviors while supporting the
normal adolescent process of gaining greater maturity and developing the
life skills needed for independence and autonomy.  

While some teens experience difficulties in adolescence by acting out with
behavioral problems, others experience more “internal” problems such as
symptoms of depression and anxiety.  This is often the result of difficulties
in adjusting to new social pressures and demands placed on adolescents.  
Teens vary in their pace of development from childhood to adulthood, and
the demands placed on them by schools, peers, and families can be
intense.  In such cases, working with a psychologist can help teens
navigate the new social context they find themselves in, and to relieve
difficult symptoms.